In the adjacent town of Zaharos , that is just 3 minutes drive, you can buy everything you might need the days of your vacation.
The nearby recreation destinations:

The thermal baths of Caiaphas
The Hot Springs of Caiaphas can cure skin diseases rheumatism and athritika by bathing in the cave cure Rain Song. Also drinking water of Gerani cures bile and kidney disease.

The dramatic waterfalls of Neda
Steep cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, valleys and cool plateaus with lush vegetation of reeds, ferns, trees and tall poplars create a unique setting. Neda, an earthly paradise, is the "benchmark" of the area and many are those who travel many miles each year to visit it.


The temple of Apollon Epikourios
The temple of Apollo at Base of Phigaleia is one of the most important and most impressive of the antiquity. By Figalias dedicated to Apollo because it helped them overcome a plague. The temple rises imposingly in the 1130 meters in the center of the Peloponnese, in the mountains between Ilia, Arkadia and Messinia, located 14 km south of Andritsaina and 11 km northeast of Perivolia. The tempel was built in the second half of the fifth century BC (420-410 BC ) and attributed to Iktinos, the architect of the Parthenon. This monument to the universal importance, yet one of the best preserved classical of the antiquity, was the first in Greece, which was included in UNESCO World Heritage of UNESCO in 1986
also the cave of Deiras,
and Olympia will make your holiday unforgettable.


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